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Now you can get Organic premium Matcha Powder
in Singapore

7 Key Matcha Benefits

Consume the chlorophyll-dense tea leaves and reap 100% of its
antioxidant goodness!

Torch Fat 4X More Efficiently

Green tea catechins in matcha boost insulin sensitivity, improve your body's ability to use sugars as energy and increase your daytime thermogenesis (the rate at which your body burns calories) from 10% to 40% daily energy expenditure.

Enhanced Exercise Endurance

Even with lower caffeine levels, one serving of matcha prolongs energy levels without that familiar coffee crash. Furthermore, matcha is reportedly found to increase physical endurance by up to 24%, thus boosting exercise-induced fat loss!

Better Teeth & Breath

If you've been a trouble case at the clinic, your dentist will start wondering what you're on since making matcha a part of your daily life. Matcha possesses antibacterial properties that thwart the bacteria that cause plague. Plus, you don't get the bad breath and yellow teeth of coffee drinkers!

Reverse Aging and Get Clearer Skin

Green tea catechins in matcha boost insulin sensitivity, improve your body's ability to use sugars as energy and increase your daytime thermogenesis (the rate at which your body burns calories) from 10% to 40% daily energy expenditure.

Better Mood, Memory Power & Concentration

Matcha's special amino acid, L-theanine, combats stress and put you in a calm-yet-alert state. It is also found to reduce risks of dementia and depression, especially among the elderly.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Levels

EGCg (Epigallocatechin gallate), the most abundant catechin found in matcha, improves insulin sensitivity and has cholesterol-lowering effects. Matcha's ability to lower blood sugar levels also makes it anti-diabetic.

USDA and JAS Certified Organic Matcha From Japan

Drinking organic matcha means you're safe from the harmful pesticides used on most inferior quality matcha. No toxins were used in the soil the green tea leaves were grown on and no health-hazardous chemicals were added after they were picked. Enjoy your trusted organic ceremonial grade matcha with confidence.


Don't leave a single day of your health to chance.

Get the stress-reducing and mind-clearing benefits
of matcha and love every minute of it.

How To Prepare Matcha

It's easy, takes less than a minute, with no mess, no stains, no


Sift 2 small scoops of matcha into your tea bowl (chawan)


Fill your chawan with 50-70ml of water at 80 °C


Using the bamboo chasen, whisk the verdant tea in a zigzag motion until a velvety froth surfaces


For the best sensory experience, enjoy matcha straight from your chawan!

Our matcha is suitable for koicha, a
thick version of matcha that requires
the highest ceremonial grade free from
chemicals, additives, artificial
ingredients and sugar.


No commitment. No hidden fees.

Matcha's Taste, Color and Texture

We use only the most tender virgin buds for our premium matcha.
So, here’s what to expect…

Umami Flavor

Matcha has an umami (うま味) flavour called the 'fifth taste'. The tea has a refreshing vegetal flavour which leaves a lingering sweetness and creamy mouthfeel. Matcha's flavour is distinctive due to the L-theanine found in shade-cultivated tea leaves.

Vibrant Green Color

The leaves used to make matcha are rich in chlorophyll, as they are shade cultivated and the least exposed to sunlight. After being picked by hand, the leaves are immediately steamed and air-dried to halt the oxidation/browning process.

Smooth Velvety Texture

Tencha, the leaves that pass the tedious process of destemming and deveining, is ground slowly on granite stone to ensure that matcha doesn't overheat. Stone grinding also creates a fine and unique texture exclusive to Japanese matcha.

Try matcha for 14 days and if at any point you decide that you don't love it
you'll get ALL your money back! There's absolutely no risk in giving it a try.

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We only order in small batches, so you get fresher matcha at an

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We first tasted good matcha during our trip to Japan and it created an instant impact on us. From past experiences, finding great matcha in Singapore was insanely difficult.

The tea didn't feel 'authentic', lacked a distinctive matcha flavor, or contained fillers, sweeteners or nasty additives that compromised its health benefits. That's when we became resolute in getting matcha of the freshest kind directly from the land that makes it best – Japan.